She stared down at the three card spread before her, and for the first time since she had chosen to toy with tarot, she felt something resonate within her very blood at the answer she was receiving. Her question had been asked with wholehearted honesty, and the cards had returned an honest answer she could not ignore.

'How will the relationship between myself and Gavin progress from here?'

The cards had told her the truth.

Strength. The Tower. The Hierophant.

She did not even need to reach for her book to feel the meanings in her heart.

Strength meant moderation in attitudes toward pain and danger, with neither being avoided at all costs, nor actively wanted. To her, it represented facing pain and finding that through it, there was still a core of stability that could be found.

The Tower represented sudden, disruptive and potentially destructive change. She knew this had already occured, even without hearing the confirmation from his lips. It was sudden, it was disruptive, and it had certainly and would certainly continue to destroy a sacred part of her.

But the Hierophant represented wisdom. He was the bridge between the world of the mundane and that of the divine, and this gave her hope that, through all the anguish she was feeling and would feel, perhaps there would be wisdom gained and a new bridge between them reforged.

How had three little cards known just what to tell her to ease the maelstrum inside? Had she subconsciously chosen the cards, despite not knowing where in the deck they would turn up? How was it that the reassurance that had meant the most, that had cut through her agony like a knife through butter, that had thrown her a rope she found she could cling to with trust had not even come from another living being?

Deciding not to look this gift horse in the mouth, Rai bowed her head, closing her eyes as she gathered up the cards and kissed the face of each.

"Thank you," she whispered.

And she meant it from the depths of her very soul.