(Against a backdrop of neutral beige, the head and upper torso of a chestnut-haired female has been captured in a crisp, landscape mobile phone photo. Lying on her side upon what appears to be a leather sofa, she has propped her head on one hand. The loose mane of her hair tumbles in silky whorls over her right shoulder, pooling in thick-spun ringlets on the cushion beside her elbow. Several wayward locks have fallen against the opposite cheek, coiling over her bare left shoulder and disappearing beyond the bottom of the frame. Her expression, as she gazes directly into the camera, is schooled into a knowing one. A small half smile lingers at the corners of her full mouth, and one almond-shaped, ocean-blue eye has half closed in a wink which suggests she knows something the viewer does not. The lighting in her surroundings casts a warm flush upon creamy skin, contrasting starkly against the black halter top in which she is clad.)
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